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About Us

iP2Pmoney.com is a multi-products and multi-countries 'peer to peer' loan platform that provides financial products based on Sharia principles. It's 'marketplace' function allows users to raise funds or invest in loans through a system of auctions and tenders. iP2Pmoney.com is owned by Lebros Connection Sdn. Bhd. a Malaysian company. Besides Indonesia, the company plans to expand iP2Pmoney.com through partnerships in China, Iran, India, Egypt and Pakistan.

Rashdan Ibrahim 

Rashdan obtained his B.A. in Accountancy Studies from Exeter University, UK in 1995. During the past 21 years he has worked with some of the most well known firms in treasury, capital markets, investment and real estate development industry. Since early in his career, he has worked with names such as Petronas, Deutsche Bank, Arab Real Estate Co. (Kuwait), Pure Investment Holdings (Dubai), Capitas Group International - a member company of ICD (KSA) and Al Bashayer Investment in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Derek Lee 
Derek holds a professional Certificate from Malaysian Forex Association. During his 28 years working experience he has worked for household names such as Development Bank Of Singapore , Citibank and Deutsche Bank in operations and treasury. In 2005, he co-established El Nemr Capital Partners a Sharia compliant factoring company in Malaysia. From 2010 to 2011 he was the vice chairman of the Malaysian Factors Association.

Muhammad Radzi Ibrahim 
Muhammad Radzi graduated from National University of Malaysia in 1992 with Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Actuarial Science. He has 23 years extensive experience in consumer and SME finance, starting from his days in MBf Finance Berhad followed with his stint in UB Co Management a factoring company (a member of Renong Group) . In 2005 he co-established El Nemr Capital Partners a Sharia compliant factoring company.

James Loy

James graduated from Australian National University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). He has 20 years investment banking experience in both Shariah and conventional finance. He started his career as an internal audit executive with MUI Group Berhad. In 2000 he joined Southern Investment Bank Berhad and from 2007 to 2015 he was a Vice President at RHB Investment Bank Berhad.