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Quick and easy steps to become an investor

Why invest with us ?

High yields and various tenors

iP2Pmoney products will have tenors ranging from 3 months to 5 years and varying yields / profit rate depending on the credit risk rating of the loan products on offer

New investment class

Lending to consumers and SME is a decades-old industry that's produced profits year after for a handful of banks, finance companies, credit cards companies and money lending companies. iP2Pmoney will provide individual investors access to this market which have been closed to them before.

Secured lending

iP2Pmoney will only offer asset-based or asset-backed products, that means the investments are secured. In the event of borrower default, iP2Pmoney will arrange for a liquidation of the assets backing the loans in order to repay the investors.

Monthly income

There will be two type of repayment scheme, where borrowers will make monthly payments of profit rate and partial principal, and where borrowers will make monthly profit rate payment followed by a lump-sum principal at maturity. Irregardless, investors will receive monthly income stream.


The iP2Pmoney investors account dashboard will also have a portfolio function which will help the investors to manage and monitor their portfolio diversification. By spreading their investments on many loans the investor will be able to minimise the risks of loan defaults.

Secondary trading

iP2Pmoney secondary trading platform allows investors to sell their loans for other investors to invest-in. This means that the investors who have invested in a longer tenor loans will be able to exit their investment without locking up their funds until the loan matures.



  • Great returns
  • Secured investments
  • Independent fund adminisation
  • Invest in individual and SME loans
  • Quick and easy steps for investment
  • Manage risks through diversification