What do we offer

Sharia compliant

All our products are sharia compliant

Asset backed and asset based

All our lending products must be secured either by physical assets and receivables

Democratizing finance

There are no minimum borrower's qualifications nether are there any restrictions on investor's choice of investments

What does sharia compliant means

Sharia compliant means prohibition of interest or usury, steering clear of uncertain transaction, avoiding gambling and avoiding investments in production and trading of impure goods and goods of no use or no value.

Our activity

iP2Pmoney connects investors and borrowers through it's platform by collating and disseminating information on the borrowing and providing a marketplace for investors to invest

Democratizing finance

At iP2Pmoney we do not impose a set of minimum qualifications for potential borrowers to apply for financing through our platform. Our activities will are purely to conduct due diligence on the completeness of potential borrowers, verify the information, conduct an impartial credit analysis and assign a credit risk rating on the proposed borrowing.

Investors are then free to choose which loans to bid / invest in, based on the credit risk rating and corresponding profit rates on offer.



  • Great returns
  • Secured investments
  • Independent fund administration
  • Invest in individual loans
  • Quick and easy steps for investment
  • Manage risks through diversification


  • Lower rate of finance
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum qualifications
  • Fast and easy application
  • No early prepayment charges
  • Flexible financing terms